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Asilah or "Azayla" as the locals pronounce it, is a beautiful small town in northern Morocco, located only 40km from Tangier.

This small town, although less touristic than Tangier, refuses to live in the shadow of its neighbour and has created an identity and a name that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Asilah is the leading destination for hippies and cool guys and girls, it is a city of artists and a centre for talent.

The outside of the medina is home to the everyday Asilah with its markets, shops, administrative offices, schools and businesses, but on the inside a different spirit reigns.

As soon as you enter the Medina, drawings on the walls attract attention, pure masterpieces signed by artists from here and everywhere.

The further you go, the more you plunge into the authentic universe of Asilah, with its small white houses, its craftsmen's shops, the smells of traditional dishes coming out of the windows of houses and restaurants.

Follow in the footsteps of passers-by and tourists until you reach La Coraça, also known as Borj al-Bhar, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean. A group of gnawa will liven up the atmosphere on request for only a few dirhams.

One thing is for sure, Asilah, this authentic little town will not leave you cold.

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