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Want to discover Laâyoune? There are a thousand and one ways to do so. On the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and at the gates of the Sahara, Laayoune "the city of the sands", where the sand of the beach meets that of the desert, welcomes visitors in a naturally splendid and varied setting.

In less than a century, Laayoune, claimed as the capital of a putative independent Sahrawi state, has experienced a meteoric boom, becoming the premier economic and administrative centre of the Saharan Provinces.

Laayoune is the most important Moroccan city of Western Sahara. It is located on the Atlantic, 500km south of Agadir and 400km west of Tindouf, on the road to Dakhla.

It has been controlled and administered by Morocco since 1975. It has a population of 200,000.

Do not miss the beach of the river of Foum El Oued, in Laayoune-Plage: Located on the edges of the city of Laayoune, it extends right to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Souk of the Dromedaries: This popular district is experiencing intense economic activity because of the sheer numbers of shops there, its extraordinary craft industry, and its large market.

The National Cultural Centre: Located in Moulay Abdelaziz Square, this centre includes a music room as well as a large reading room. The works contained there are in several languages, including Arabic, French, English and Spanish. 

Place du Méchouar: This is a very large square decorated with four magnificent monuments at each corner.

Laayoune has benefited from the State’s desire to organise the development of the southern provinces. As such, it has benefited from numerous investments.


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