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Want to discover Guelmim? There are a thousand and one ways to do so. It is a city rich in historical and archaeological treasures.  
From prehistory to the 19th century there are many examples: rock engravings, caves, rock shelters, Kasbahs, granaries and other elements of military, economic and social architecture show us that the region has aroused the interest of humans for millennia up to the dynasties of medieval Morocco.  
An historically well-known city, it is located 200km south of Agadir, 110km from Tiznit and 30km from the Atlantic Ocean, 400km from Laayoune and has 200,000 inhabitants.  This region is important until today because of its intermediary location between the Sahara and the centre of the country, a place of history, economy and culture where the North marries the South. Guelmim is considered as the gateway from the Sahara to Morocco for desert tourists because it connects the desert with the ocean.  
Green and seaside tourism are also booming activities, especially in the Abaynou region, which has a spa resort. 
You will be able to discover a new experience of oasis tourism. The white beach, located about 30 km from the city, is also a growing attraction within the framework of the Azure Plan, with the Plage Blanche-Guelmim project.  
Guelmim also has a national airport with direct flights to Tan-Tan and Casablanca.

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