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Want to discover Tata? There are a thousand and one ways to do so. Tata, or the pink city, is a green oasis in the south of Morocco in the Souss-Massa region and one of the popular tourist destinations of the kingdom, a charming palm grove between rivers originating from the Anti-Atlas and the dunes of the desert.
This village is recognisable by its beautiful Ksars, its archaeological heritage and its rich craftsmanship in pottery and jewellery. 
The province of Tata is a predominantly rural subdivision of the Moroccan region of Guelmim-Es Smara. It takes its name from its chief town, Tata.
The city is located within an oasis 289km southeast of Agadir and about 815km from Laayoune. It is surrounded by Assa, Taroudante, Tiznite, Guelmim and Ouarzazate. 
It had a population of about 250,000 in 2014 and occupies an area of nearly 26,000 square km.
The region of Tata contains a very rich archaeological heritage that bears witness to a prodigious civilization that flourished for millennia and is characterised by the richness and diversity of its crafts in urban centres as well as in rural communities and even in its douars. 
The carpets of the region are characterised by a fine texture and the intensity and warmth of their colours in this extension of the High Atlas (Aït Ouaouzguit). 
Tata is surrounded by a myriad of rocks of various shapes, rising above a palm grove that shelters plantations of almond and olive trees. 
From its altitude 1000 meters, it is a true natural spectacle with its imposing blocks of pink granite and its splendid flora. 
Strikingly beautiful, it is an enchanting scene, enhanced by centuries-old traditions.

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