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Todra Gorge


The Todra Gorge is a long canyon in the High Atlas, which starts from Tinghir in the direction of Tamtatouchtte in the North. At the bottom of the gorge is the source of sacred fish, in a hot spring, where fish live that no one is allowed to catch.

In the same way, this water is free, it can be used by all, and is not subject to the complex water rights which govern irrigation throughout the Berber country.

This is the territory of the tribe of the Haddidou, Berber nomads who live between the mountains in summer and the desert in winter. A certain number of them are now settled, at least partially, as for example in the village of Tamtatouchtte.

The high limestone cliffs of the gorges are an invitation for rock climbing.

Some passages are regularly used, most are still fresh. You can easily find experienced mountain guides in the area and hire climbing gear on site

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